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Brand ambassadors

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  • Sergey Khrapach

    Sergey Khrapach


    He is without any doubt the most outstanding ambassador in the company. He is respected and loved by all the country’s barmen. He has a great charisma that comes out as soon as he gets behind the bar counter. He is able to fascinate, convince and motivate people to fall in love with Fruko Schulz, like no one else.

  • Alexander Afonin

    Alexander Afonin


    Full of new ideas, he lets Moscow discover the most marvellous cocktail secrets. Alexander came from Syberia, and once again proved the fact that Moscow yields to courageous people. Fruko schulz values Alexander’s will for victory and success, and offered him to become one of the company’s Ambassadors.  

  • Sergey Dzyuba

    Sergey Dzyuba

    Voronezh, Lipetsk, Tambov

    One of the merriest ambassadors of the company. For more than 7 years he has been promoting the bartending science. His exhilarating cocktails are known in Yakutia, Voronezh and Krasnodarsky Krai, and he is planning to conquer central Russia, together with Fruko Schulz brand. He graduated successfully from Voronezh Bartending Association, that offers bartending courses with regard to international standards. Sergey has taken part in numerous barmen competitions in Russia and on the international level, and is currently teaching at Voronezh School of Bartenders, taking an active part in the development of the Voronezh Bartending Association.

  • Alexander Kochenkov

    Alexander Kochenkov

    Saratov, Penza

    His credo – always ! He is calm, business-like and very professional. He doesn’t like empty talks, and loves when things are taking their natural course. Thanks to Alexander  we are sure that Fruko Schulz will always be loved in Saratov.

  • Michael Shestyorkin

    Michael Shestyorkin


    The youngest one in our team. But in the mastery of cocktails creation, feeling the guest's desire and taste combinations selection he doesn't give in to the most experiensed bartenders.