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Fruko Schulz factory is one of the largest czech manufacturers of strong alcoholic beverages and liqueurs.

The company’s history dates back to 1898, when an entepreneur Moritz Schulz opened the first factory in Austro-Hungary specializing in the production of dessert wines and liqueurs.

At first it was a small  specialized enterprise,  with only thirty employees. Later, a brewery, located in the same district, joined the factory, extending the assortment of the products.  The factory continued to work even during the First and the Second World Wars, producing dessert wines and fruit syrups.

As a result of nationalization of the year 1948, the Fruko Schulz factory passed under the control of the State, but in 1993 it was returned to the successors of Moritz Schulz.

The Schulz began the restoration of the family business by completely re-equipping the factory, introducing new equipement for the launch of new production lines and extending  the range of products.  

Significant sums of money were spent to obtain the most modern equipement for the distillery, which allowed to include strong alcoholic beverages into the assortment.

Today, Fruko Schulz produces more than 100 different brands of products. The factory has a well-earned reputation of one of the  main alhocol drinks manufacturers in the Czech Republic. The products’ high quality and reasonable prices contribute to their popularity in the Republic and abroad. 

All beverages are of high quality and have a very attractive package design.

Fruko Schulz  is one of the european and world  leaders in absinthe production.